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  • Read all the terms and understand them before ordering any product from our services.
  • If you are not of legal age, kindly do not place an order here. However, you can order with the consent of your guardian.

Definition Of Terms

  • “Customers”, “Students”, “You” mean and refer to anyone visiting this website and/or using our services.
  • “Company”, “Services”, “We”, “Our” mean and refer to

Refund Policy

We, at wish to help our customers in every way. We are liable towards our services. If for some reason, you are not satisfied with the outcome that we have provided, you are entitled to our refund policy. However, the following terms and conditions apply on each refund requests placed by any customer;

No refund will be entertained under the following conditions.

  • If you are not satisfied with the outcome that we have provided, you are entitled to a refund. However, only after you have availed our free revisions.
  • Your refund claim will then be reviewed by our quality assurance executives. The decision made by them will be considered final.
  • Your refund claim will not be entertained on mere writing issue.
  • No refund is accepted if you have not applied for at least one revision, on the basis of any sorts of problem.
  • We offer refunds on the basis of getting fail in your online classes or exams. However, it is subject to our quality assurance team’s approval.
  • The decision made by our team of experts will be considered full and final.


  • On the off chance that the work we have delivered is plagiarized (which is hardly the case), you are entitled to a refund.

Late Delivery:

We are adamant in providing you with timely services. On the off chance that we exceed the deadline given by you, you are entitled to a refund. Though, only in the case that the late delivery is caused by us. All your refund claims will be evaluated by our Quality Assurance team first.

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